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A Society is a private home with meeting facilities and overnight accommodation for friends and a guest of the club. We also organize activities together with friends in or from out the society.


Alex, social and private coach / companion 45j


Alexia social and private coach / companion 47j

, we are the inhabitants of the Society.

The club sets itself the goal of facilitating activities and meetings around social commitments. Searching for, entering into, maintaining and responsibly ending it. This can be done in groups or under 4 eyes. However, within our 4 walls, this takes place within our private sphere. We strive to be able to receive our friends whenever necessary. We also strive to share our objectives with friends within their sphere of life for there friends.

Making commitments is the way to get the best out of yourself within your freedom. Committing commitments has been demonized for a century and has been marketed within our lives. Marketed to professionalise the care.

However, society is becoming increasingly concerned about wanting to deal with ordinary social concerns, which we can contribute to, within commitments. We will have to take over that care from occupational care. And perhaps even more than that, the future social construct, where that professional offers his assistance. Within each person’s own care and own direction.

We have to take over because we contribute too much to that professional care. What we all want to be entitled to and therefore floats between a privatized and state-regulated market. And…

We pay a total of 14000 euros for total social care in the Netherlands, per inhabitant. We also keep a lot of people working, fortunately. However, 26% of people need care, 9% of them are acute and all those professionals can only really help 7%. Do not even help. Because that number is even lower.

From society there is currently no valuation in projects that prevent care. There is already too little money.

Breakdown maintenance is in the queue. While preventive and corrective maintenance is much easier to regulate within this. In the past, I would have said as a maintenance planner.

By achieving the same as the club: For everyone an insightful, functional, stable and strong social network. With an aim, a vision, prestige and esteem.

Are we looking for people with social powers? What you want to be appreciated for and perhaps recognized in. You can do that by considering your experience in a problem that has happened to you in the past. You have recovered yourself. And would like to share your insights with fellow sufferers.

Are you interested in using your powers within a society? Feel free to give a call.

Greetings, Alex
+316 53 44 50 54

Laurastraat 87
6471 Eygelshoven.

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