Due to upcoming inflation, Investing in Common ownership wil save the value of your financial reserves.

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Money is not safe in a bank. Inflation wil be the biggest loss for investors with reserves in there banc accounts. Inflation is increasing and will grow up to 20% in 2022, 2023 even more.

We can promise that the property we maintain will be owned by the investor and can be sold at any time for the value it has. Usufruct of the lot is for the participant that maintain its value.

By creating certificates of common ownership the lots can be owned by more than 1 owner. Owners together form a stackholding position in the value op the lot.

Investors are part of a democratic board of stackholders and are common owners of the lot. Investors can sell their share for the then-current market price.


Participants who enter into a commitment, must meet the following conditions:
Ownership is shown in caring for the lot and each other.
One is acquainted with each other’s strengths and talents, and thus takes usufruct of the lot.
One contributes to the maintenance and modification of the lot. And to set up and maintain its sustainably. (0% Co2??)
Participants show ownership in their commitments and form a social network together.

The Residential care community

The people who are going to start the residential care community must also tell the investors what they want to give in return within their individual participation. And for what duration. Owner(s) can decide together with the other participants whether this participant fits in with the goal, so that the real estate is preserved in its value. And a percentage of the turnover is shared. This percentage can also be expressed in enjoyment of the service, or to share in the products that are manufactured. This is the negotiation between owners and the willing participant. The basis is to maintain the lot in its values as long its used. Participants do have ownership of their commitments. Form a cooperative in Preventive Medical and Mental Health Care.

the Netherlands

In the Netherlands you remain the owner of a lot. And is it to be inherited to the legal heirs. And to trade. The network I am committed to is called “The Chamber of Social Values”. With which we shape this bottom-up society. An investor who wants to secure his money against inflation is best served by investing in lots that are maintained by residential care communities part of this network. And of course to be taken into usufruct.
In the future, these lots will also be protected against expropriation, since healthy usufruct must be demonstrated in order to be able to continue to retain ownership.
And because it offers the preventive care as a product, outside the lot there will be a currency, in which they can share with the owners.
As a Coach within “the Chamber of Social Values” I stimulate by means of: meetings and activities to enable participants to discover each other’s strengths. And to be interested in each other’s talents.

The Social Network

Whith that, we build and maintain a network of experiance experts and caretakers. But also technicians, coaches and profesionals in preventive care. By giving seminars and producing products for treatments of health from the garden on the lot. Giving education in social values and human rights. Empowering people to paticipate. And careing for animals in “mental recovery treatments” for children and adults. We as the Chamber of Social values are always available to speak with investors that want to invest in properties within common ownership. So we can stimulate people to live toward the sustainable goals. And within the human rights we have.

The Chamber of Social Values Respects Common Law

Call us: +31653445054 (Alex)



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